Saturday, August 17, 2019

Cellular Phone Wallpapers

In the modern society we live in, cellular phone is already a necessity; no longer valid is the notion that this is merely a luxurious toy. For minors, however, cellular phone usage is very popular as a dress up gadget. Although, the parents think of it is a necessary communication for them to be able […]

Entertain Yourself with Cellular Phone Ring Tones

To sustain the profitable state of your business in this fastpaced cellular phone industry, creating useful and functional cellular phone may be necessary. Various accessories for your cellular phone may also add to your chances of being ahead of the competition. The competition does not stop from designing functional cellular phones and accessories, they also […]

Contract Or Pay As You Go – Which Way For You?

When buying a mobile phone, there are any number of questions you need to ask yourself. Do you want all the latest gadgets included, or are you happy with a basic model. Do you want a phone that can fit in your shirt pocket, or are you happy with one that could double as a […]

Signal Failure – When Your Phone Gets Frustrating

Making and receiving calls, sending and receiving texts, it all seems a lot easier with a mobile phone, but there are always going to be problems when using a technology that is designed to make things more simple. To give mobility and simplicity, something has to drop out of the mix, and often this is […]

Predictive Texting – A Blessing Or A Curse?

Most mobile phones in this day and age have an option for predictive texting – a system whereby using the alphanumeric keypad on your phone, you can tap in messages one key press at a time, as opposed to the older way of hitting the “2” key twice to get a letter B, and so […]

A World Without Cell Phones

It often seems difficult to imagine yourself in a world without mobile phones, even if to all intents and purposes we were all doing exactly that not so long ago. But when you think about the prevalence in the present day of the cell phone, it is clear that if they were taken away tomorrow […]

Taking Photographs With Your Phone

There was a time, and it was not too long ago, when the idea of a phone that takes pictures would have been the stuff of a James Bond storyline. Sure, it would be nice to have, we thought. But when you think about it, is a phone that takes photographs any more sensible or […]

Cheap Mobile Phones – The Best Approach?

There is no disputing that for the best in technology, the user will need to pay a higher price. If you want a better mobile phone, you need to pay more for it. That’s just common sense. But if you aren’t greatly concerned about whether your phone can send email, surf the internet or provide […]

Mobile Phones – The Environmental Question

The environment is an important issue to a great many people, and any time that someone makes a political or lifestyle decision in the modern day, there is always an environmental question to answer. Certainly it comes into play with mobile phones, as when thrown away they can be a major environmental hazard, with many […]

How To Prevent “Mobile Phone Bullying”

Although the issue of mobile phone bullying is one that has a sense of ignoring the “real issues” – that is to say that it’s bullying per se that should be addressed, rather than a small section of that bullying – it is difficult to defeat bullying as a whole without looking at how it […]